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Rish Daraz-e Aqel Kotah

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"Rish Daraz-e Aqel Kotah" in Persian, literally translated as "The Long Beard of Short Wisdom" by Haseeb Ahrari is a collection of 48 poems in Persian that offer a satirical and critical look at the complexities of religious belief and societal norms. Ahrari, influenced by his religious and scholarly family background in Afghanistan and personal experiences with faith and doubt, challenges conventional views and invites readers to have a fresh look into the relationship between religion, society, and individual beliefs.

In this collection, Ahrari addresses the issue of religious misinterpretation and extremism. He uses poetry to critique how traditional beliefs are often distorted by radical groups, impacting both individuals and society. His verses unveil the hypocrisy and ignorance hidden under religious dogma, through vivid and sometimes ironic poetry.

Ahrari skillfully uses the elements of humor and satire to critique and challenge societal and religious malpractices. His poetry combines poignant reflections with sharp observations, exposing absurdities and injustices in society. This book showcases Ahrari's poetic talent and bravery in tackling sensitive issues with seriousness and humor, offering a unique perspective on the role of art and satire in societal change. The book invites readers on a journey of self-reflection and intellectual exploration, making it essential for those interested in understanding the dynamics of faith, society, and the human condition.

در این مجموعه شعری که 48 شعر گنجانده شده، حسیب احراری از عرصه ی پر خم و پیچ و خطر ارتدکس دینی و محدودیت هایی که این نوع تعبیر بنیادگرایانه بر جامعه وضع میکند، به طرز ماهرانه عبور میکند. و مورد پرسش قرار میدهد

«ریش دراز عقل کوتاه» اثری بیشتر از یک مجموعه شعری است. صدای حسیب احراری صدای سرکش، مقاومت و امید است و خوانندگان را به دیدگاهایی فراتر از  دید سطحی به اصطلاح پاسداران ایمان دعوت می کند و در  جهانی مملو از تضادها به جستجوی حقیقت فرا می خواند.