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Get your book published ➩



Get your book published!

Discover how we bring your book to life with our bespoke cover design and meticulous interior formatting. We focus on every detail to make your book visually appealing and reader-friendly.
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Building Your Author Brand

Create a unique identity with your dedicated author page. Showcasing your bio, books, and direct reader engagement, this platform is an excellent tool for building your brand and community.
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Protecting and Expanding Your Work

We handle ISBN procurement, copyright management, ebook conversion, and audiobook creation where feasible.
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Maximizing Your Book’s Reach

From promotion to sales, we're committed to increasing your book’s visibility and reach. Our marketing strategies are designed to enhance exposure and drive sales across various platform.
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Elevate your writing journey with Barmakids Press

From captivating cover design to personalized author pages, digital transformations with ebooks and audiobooks, we guide your story from manuscript to marketplace.

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  • طور عشق
    July 4, 2024

    طور عشق

    طور عشقامشب نشسته بودم درکوه طور عشقماو ذرّه جلوه ی کرد اکنون تنور عشقمآتش دمید دمادم آن ساقی شرر خویباده ز دیده جوشید مخمور شور عشقماز برق تیغ نازش خورشید می هراسیدبایک گلو تغافل حیرت به نور عشقماز مسکَنِ حضورش...

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  • خاطره ای از کودکی
    June 3, 2024

    خاطره ای از کودکی

    خاطره ای از کودکی ! بخاطر دارم زمانی ۶ یا ۷ سالم بود ،باز نخست کابل آمدم - شهری که کاملن از محیط خلوت زندگی من تفاوت داشت - یکی از پسران مامایم دست مرا گرفت و با چند کودک...

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