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Get your book published ➩
Get your book published ➩


Basic Publishing Package

Basic Setup Package

Basic Publishing Package - $895

Our Basic Package is tailored to provide a comprehensive solution for authors looking to publish their work professionally. This package includes everything you need to get your book ready for the readers:

  • Book Formatting: Ensuring your manuscript is perfectly formatted for both print and digital formats. We focus on clean, readable layouts that reflect the tone and style of your work.

  • Interior Design: Our team will create a custom interior design for your book, enhancing the reading experience with professional typesetting, appropriate font selection, and chapter styling.

  • Cover Design: A compelling cover is crucial for attracting readers. We offer custom cover design services to make your book stand out on the shelf or online. Our designers work with you to capture the essence of your book in the cover art.

  • ISBN Procurement: We handle the acquisition of an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), essential for book distribution and sales tracking in bookstores and online.

  • Extended Distribution: Your book will be distributed to major online retailers, including Amazon, expanding its reach to a global audience and increasing accessibility to readers worldwide.

  • Dedicated Author Page: With a dedicated author page on our e-commerce website, you can create a personalized space to highlight your books, write articles, promote your book and connect with readers. 
  • 10 Free Copies: As part of our package, you'll receive 10 complimentary copies of your book in a standard 6x9 size, for up to 250 pages. Perfect for sharing with friends, family, or for promotional purposes.

All these services are included in our Basic Package for a flat fee of $895. This package is ideal for authors seeking professional assistance in bringing their book to market with a polished, reader-friendly look.

You already have your manuscript or design ready? No problem, you can select only the services you need: 


 Services Fees
One Time Setup $100
Interior Formatting    $350
Cover Design $350


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