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Moqam-e Hairat

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معرفی کتاب "مقام حیرت" اثر محمد ادریس بقایی (قطره)


محمد ادریس بقایی، با نام ادبی "قطره"، شاعری جوان و برجسته است که اشعارش ریشه در عرفان و فلسفه دارد. ادریس در پنجشیر متولد و در کابل بزرگ شده است و آموزش شعری خود را با علاقه‌ای عمیق به متون دینی و ادبیات کلاسیک فارسی آغاز کرد.


کتاب "مقام حیرت" مجموعه‌ای از اشعار ادریس است که به بررسی موضوعات فلسفی، عرفانی و اجتماعی می‌پردازد. آثار او تحت تأثیر عمیق استادش، حیدری وجودی قرار دارد، و او همچنین مدیون آموزه‌های عبدالحمید اسیر و شعرای کلاسیک زبان فارسی، مانند حافظ، بیدل و دیگران می باشد.


خواندن "مقام حیرت" برای علاقمندان اشعار فارسی توصیه میگردد.


Mohammad Idrees Baqaiee, known by his pen name "Qatra", is a young poet whose works are deeply rooted in mysticism and philosophy. Born in Panjshir Valley and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan, Idrees's poetic journey began with his profound interest in religious texts and classical literature at young age.

In "Moqam-e Hairat", which is roughly translated as "The Realm of Wonder", Idrees presents a collection of poems that delve into philosophical, mystical, and social themes. His work reflects the profound impact of his mentor and Persian literary master, the late Haidari Wujodi, whose classes he attended religiously for two decades in Kabul Public Library until his passing. The poet also attributes his literary influences to the teachings of Abdul Hamid Aseer, a well-known authority on the subject of Bedil and his poetry. Classical Persian poetry masters such as Hafez and his mesmerizing ghazals, had a positive impact in shaping his taste and writing style as well. 

Evidently, Idrees's verses are enriched by the teachings of these great mentors, who guided him in understanding the deeper nuances of mysticism and spirituality. A poet's ability to convey profound emotions and reflections through his words can certainly be ascribed to a great extent, to the invaluable guidance he received from his masters, and Idrees is no exception to this rule.

 "Moqam-e Hairat" is not just a collection of poems; it is a journey through the realm of wonders and myticism, that offers readers an intimate glimpse into the poet's inner world. This book is a must-read for those who appreciate the beauty of the this particular style in Persian poetry and the profound wisdom it carries.